Discover World War II History

World War Two  still surrounds the world in its long lasting political, social, economic and physical effects.

This websites seeks to encourage the reader to discover more about World War II, through reviews of books and movies, personal stories and displaying different authentic articles. I also hope to provide a easy way for you to discover what physical legacies of World War II are throughout the world that you can visit.

For a list of all the locations reviewed check out the map above and follow the menu.

Under the ‘Personal Stories’ section, you’ll find stories from survivors.

If you want  more information or have something to add, please leave a comment below, and I will get back to you!

One thought on “Discover World War II History

  1. You may be interested in the second edition of my book BRITAIN AT WAR 1939 to 1945 What was life like during the war?, published to commemorate the seventieth anniversary of the end of the Second World War. It gives a short insight into life in wartime Britain and is told from the perspective of people who actually experienced the war, with an overview of the major campaigns, enlivened by quotations from Churchill’s speeches. I am told that the chapters about the Home Front, depicting my life as a schoolboy, are particularly interesting.
    If you would like a review copy, please contact me at for an e-book.
    James Lingard

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